Direct Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine

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  • Direct hydraulic clamping moving platen keep formed, high accuracy, low pressure with excellent perceptive, molding protection efficiently, finely production finishing. Changing moldings with automatic identity and adjustment, increasingly production capacity. Unique injection compressing function, rise up air displacement, depressurize forming, suitable for high accuracy optical products and large surface injection products with stable forming.

    Clamping Unit
  • No bush & pin abrasion, maintenance easily, lubrication free, pollution proof, longer-lasting.
  • Twin cylinders clamping steady & rapidly.
  • Fully lengthen opening stroke.
  • Broaden space between tie bars for special molding capacity.
  • Concealed mechanical safety bar for securing operation.
  • Hi-technology optical ruler for opening stroke accuracy up to 0.1mm.
  • Centralized Oiling filler for lubricating system, easy & trouble-free maintenance, lengthen equipment service life.

    Conreol Unit
  • Imported computerize controller operated by Chinese, or an option to equip with multilingual display.
  • Injection monitoring, auto-purging, self-inspection of polymer shortage and leakage display.
  • Clamping, injectimg & ejecting position checked by high accuracy electronic ruler.
  • Latest LCD computer with 60 sets time, temperature, pressure, speed & forming data memorized(unlimited memorized data for optional accessories)
  • 4 section inject & hold-on pressure, 3 sections back pressure, digital control & screw speed RPM display suitable for highly precision injection.
  • Screw & barrel temperature controlled by computer PID accuracy up to 1°C.
  • Screw position display and low temperature alarm system to prevent the damage of screw from cold starting also protecting the lacking melt broken the screw.
  • Production control for setting quantity produced, packed & quality inspection with automatic alert & emergency stop.
  • Self-inspection system for failure alarm with input, output, timer & counters display, also release fault alarm.
  • Multiplex operating data by monitored and digital set.